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What is ‘Smash Monster Rampage!‘?
‘Smash Monster Rampage!’ is a ‘print and play’ table top action board game for two players.
‘Print and play’ means just that, Print out the downloaded files, assemble the pieces then Play the game.
The complete game is available to download from this site, all you need to add is two players and a couple of regular six-sided dice.
I set out to make a game that you’d want to play as soon as you saw it, I didn’t want it to be so complex that it takes longer to read the rules than play the game.
I think the game is easy to learn yet engaging to play - see what you think….

A single play of the game will probably last about one hour once you are familiar with the rules.
Top tips for pain free bits
The finished game will appeal to players of all ages, but making the game does require some fairly complicated cutting, scoring and gluing. (So a young person should get someone old to help them, tell them it‘s educational…).

I’ll be honest, making the game will take some time, but probably not as long as you might think.
Simply download and print out the pages onto sheets of A4 white card (240gsm is ideal).
Follow the supplied guides to assemble all the components.
I’d recommend a craft knife and ruler rather than scissors, quicker and neater.
Score folds before bending, a bradawl used at a very shallow angle is perfect every time.

Note also that you can score a ‘block’ of pieces (Fire Markers, Helicopter Units, Survivor Markers) in one stroke before cutting apart.
‘Pritt Stick’ is ideal for securing the tabs.
Smash Monster Rampage board game image
The GAME ART science bit;
All the artwork for ’Smash Monster Rampage!’ was created in the desktop publishing software by Serif called PagePlus X3.
This software is extremely flexible, allowing you to write text, design graphics, enhance images, import content, and more, then export your work in a range of formats including PDF, as I did.
About the game
The ‘Smash Monster’ is a huge monster, taller than the highest skyscraper, and it’s attacking your city.
Mobilise your troops and exterminate the beast before every building becomes a heap of rubble.

The victorious task force will score more hits and rescue more survivors than their opponent.

Game Overview
Players compete to rescue survivors and win the most ‘Monster Hit’ cards.

The ‘Monster Die’ generates random actions for the Monster making the beast unpredictable and dangerous. It sets buildings ablaze, creates devastating quakes and destroys everything in its path.
Taking turns to move their Tank and/or Helicopter Units, players get into position to attack the Monster.
Win ‘Monster Hit’ cards by successfully firing at the Monster and fulfilling the conditions on the cards.

Act fast, if the city is flattened before the Monster is killed, the Monster wins!
Smash Monster Rampage board game image Smash Monster Rampage board game image
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Smash News! June 2014
Following a mega-successful Kickstarter campaign by 5th Street Games ‘Smash Monster Rampage!’ will  be published and available to buy ‘in a box’ very soon.
I was recently flattered to be contacted by ‘The Inquisitive Meeple’ (of BoardGameGeek) and asked about all things ‘Smash’ - from first ideas to collaborating with 5th Street Games on the imminent release of the published version(s).
Click here to read the interview
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Many thanks to the hundreds of Kickstarter backers who raised an amazing total of $52,693 allowing 5th Street Games to expand the experience with additional monsters, new unit types and new weapons.